Well, Shit

The Orca Half is sold out. It was going to be my fourth half of the year and third with Orca Running. The only other half they have this year is Poulsboro Half, and that’s the weekend we’re in College Station, Texas for A&M vs. Alabama. I love running, but not at the expense of Texas A&M Football.

17 miles this week. I knew I have to ramp it up because Iron Horse is about two weeks away. Pace was about 10:30 – 11:00. This is not as good as previous years. I’m thinking a combination of keto and piriformis issues is to blame. Hopefully I’ll be sub-10 for Iron Horse, though, due it being a mostly downhill run and be better fat adapted by then.

Again, my issue is muscle and leg fatigue, not cardio/pulmonary. Ankle has improved a ton, and besides some twinginess post runs, is not an issue. I can feel piriformis soreness usually starting around mile 4, and this is causing issues on the left side. I have mild tightness post-run in my lower back, both hips, and pretty darn tight left hamstrings. It’s all fine after post-run stretching, icing, and Hyperice Sphere sessions, but It all ties back to the piriformis.

Longest run left on their schedule is a 12k option for Captain Jack’s in Redmond. I registered for that, but I’m totally bummed. I’m going to have to settle for 3 halves and a 12k.

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