Gently Back to Running

I’ve started running again, gently coming back for two reasons – the butt muscle issues, keto, and social commitments (ie, happy hours and parties left and right).

The last two weeks were pretty much the same. Two nights of running per week, just shy of 8 miles the first week, then almost 11.5 the second. First week was 3.25 miles then 4.5. Second was 5.1, 2.85, 3.66. Total pace on the runs have been anywhere from 9:30 to 11. No gyms. I won’t be going back for a while.

Stamina-wise, I’ve been fine. There is a bit of oddness, but I think it’s more of the muscle and butt issues, not pulmonary or heart. My legs are just damn tired afterwards. Maybe that’s the keto. I can’t rule it out. I’ve been icing and stretching after runs pretty religiously.

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