Iron Horse Half Marathon Report

So. First half marathon under keto. Went ok, but not good. Two out of three standard goals were met: 1) Don’t die 2) Finish 3) Don’t walk. At around mile 7, I stopped for about a minute to take down a decayed Pokemon Gym. Again at mile 10 water station, I had to walk for about two minutes. My legs were just plain exhausted.

Finished 2:08 (9:50/mile), which was better than San Juan, but for a mostly downhill race, I should have finished sub 2:00. Afterwards, my left hamstring was nothing but tight, piriformis was sore again, but ankle was ok.

Race itself was pretty fun. It is mostly downhill except for about 3/4 of a mile of noticeable uphill and after about mile 8, long stretch of flat. Oh yeah. There’s like a freakin’ 150 foot elevation over 1/3 of a mile walking up to the starting line. They don’t tell you about that.

I should have done better than 2:08. Fuck me, if I was not on keto I might have gotten under 2 hours.

Last run of the season in 2 months. My plan is basically just maintain 8 miles and under runs until then. There’s no point in training for a full right now. I think I’ll just maintain my stamina, let my legs recover, and work on leg strength this winter. Doubtful that I’ll do 3M in Austin again. Did it twice already, and the race is a clusterfuck at the start. No one every estimates their time right. 99% of the people think they’re faster than they are, so the starting line is a traffic jam. Then there’s me, who underestimates their time. I probably could shave off somewhere between 1-2 minutes if I wasn’t dodging and going around people at the start.

End Austin and 3M Half Marathon rant.

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