New Hyperice Mini Hypersphere

My physical therapist hates everything that’s not physical therapy. That includes the Hypersphere I use to shake down calves and hamstrings. I’ve been using it for piriformis, but her opinion, among other opinions she has, is that it doesn’t help because it’s not small enough to “pinpoint the pain area.” I’m supposed to use a lacrosse ball for that.

The action involves pressing up against the wall with the ball, which is the size of a grapefruit, to release the muscles. This is hassle. You have to stand up in an awkward position, work it with your butt, and if you’re lucky, it’s not constantly dropping on the ground.

Well look at this. Hyperice made a hypersphere the size of a lacrosse ball. Mine arrived today, and it’s fantastic. All the precision of a lacrosse ball, but none of the work. I just lay there with the Mini Hypersphere under my butt and just let it vibrate.

Ha, take that, physical therapist.

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