I am in Full Ketosis

After San Juan, I did 5-6 miles on the Sunday evenings just to keep things up. In Chicago there was much food and alcohol. I don’t know how much we spent at The Aviary, and I don’t want to know. I did manage to get in four miles around Millennium Park. I slipped back into ketosis pretty quickly this week, and the keto flu was nowhere near as bad as the first time.

The first time was about three or four days of misery and fog. I felt drained mentally and physically. This time, it was just kind of a “Hmm, something’s not quite right” feeling for an afternoon.

I physically still feel a bit off, so I’m not going to try another run till Sunday. I’ll have two months of training under keto before Iron Horse at the end of August, no rest but easier the following week, then ramp it back up for Orca at the end of September.

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