First Keto Run

I knew this was my first keto run, I know I’m not performance fat-adapted, I knew how I felt (good, but not great), but somehow I couldn’t make the connection in my head of what this all meant. I set out to do eight miles on a Sunday night like I usually do.

It was a mess. About a 10:30/mile pace. I kept the new stride, and by mile three I was feeling the lactic acid in my legs. After four and a half miles, I called it. The problem is solely in my leg strength and endurance, not any sort of cardio or pulmonary issues. That’s good, but also incredibly frustrating. My heart is not the limiting factor, but my muscles are. I’m going to have to do more gym work at least for the next couple of weeks, scale down the running, and then inverse it back before Iron Horse.

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