Post Run Treatment

I’ve been told by my physical therapists I need to take care of my legs and body especially after long runs. No, really. I’ve always *known* this, but like many things, it doesn’t sink in until I’ve been really, really told.

Post runs and non run days, I’m doing PT-assigned stretches and exercises to strengthen my and loosen my legs. After runs, especially right now, it’s icing.

For ankle icing, I got the Elasto Ankle Wrap. If you search for “ankle ice wrap” on Amazon, this is pretty much the only one you’ll find that goes around the entire foot. Some leave either the top, sides, or heel exposed. My ankle problem spreads throughout the whole foot, so this thing has been great.

The most impactful routine, however, is the Hyperice Hypersphere.. An aunt and uncle recommended it. It was a little pricey, but holy cow, it’s worth it. It’s about a five inch wide vibrating ball. I use it at the lowest setting and it’s more than enough. I basically sit in front of the TV with this thing under my calves and hamstrings. It loosens everything up and my legs feel like putty afterwards.

Today was supposed to be total rest, but it was Pokemon Go Community Day, so three-ish miles of fast walking. Ouch.

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