Yes, I’ve Read the Art and Science of Low Carb Performance

I just started a new job, but I never say no to meeting recruiters because free coffee.

I met up with a new recruiter and the subject got on keto and performance. He apparently is not only also a keto believer, but his sport of choice is stair climbing. Seriously, there are competitions where people run up and down skyscrapers. I’ve never heard of this. And he’s really good at it. He rattled off a bunch of these races where he’s come in first.

The discussion touched on The Art and Science of Low Carb Performance, which is the bible for, well, low carb performance. It’s written by two accomplished pioneers in the field. Yes, I’ve read it. I thought it was good, however here’s a summary of the book: “Could keto help by doing x? Theoretically it might but more research needs to be done.” Substitute x with anything – recovery, performance, injury prevention, whatever. The book discusses all of it.

It’s an interesting book, but I like to read the research papers before making judgments on whether the claims made are valid. However, as the authors acknowledge, more research needs to be done. I rate this book as “somewhat useful.”

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