So What Have We Learned This Year?

Things we have learned:

  • Running on keto is possible. A performance hit is there, but it’s not that terrible the better fat-adapted I am.
  • I wasn’t (at Iron Horse) as fat adapted as I thought I was. Performing on keto is a whole different ballgame from just being on keto.
  • Whether I can get back to my pre-keto pace, jury is out. No doubt the butt muscle situation this year prevented this from being a really good experiment. Let’s try it again next year because ultimately this is what I’m documenting.
  • Related, whether I can do a full marathon is an unknown. The injury put a damper on things.
  • I need to stretch and ice after runs. Whether it’s just the sheer amount of running, keto, or age, who knows. But I can’t ignore the soreness. It just gets worse if left unchecked.
  • Six hours of sleep is not enough.
  • Let’s be real. I’m out of keto right now. Christmas + Texas food.
  • I should probably drink less.
  • Heart feels fine. Went in and did a stress test with a sports cardiologist in October. He also is against training for a full marathon, but I think he and my regular cardiologist are in cahoots.

I’ve been maintaining about 12 miles per week, not really paying attention to pace. I’m going to start signing up for halves to give me more discipline. Again, I’ll target four. Not doing 3M, and sure as shit not doing San Juan Island Half. Probably three here in Washington with the fourth being Portland or San Diego.

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