It’s Time to be Honest With Ourselves

  • Lack of a goal to work towards (i.e. official races) screws me up. I need that structure, I need a goal. I’m not training for anything right now, and “just because” isn’t enough to motivate me.
  • I’m doing 7-9 miles per run, 20+ miles per week, but there’s a lot of Pokemon Going during that time. I stop way too many times. Shadow fights, taking down decayed gyms, trying to find good quests, etc. I need to ask myself if I’m a runner who PoGos or a Pogoer who runs. It’s the former, and I need to start acting like it.
  • I’m not in keto. A few chips here and there, handfuls of peanuty crack, and Halo Top adds up. Weight has slowly crept up, which is not helping the muscle fatigue. And of course, you can’t outrun a bad diet. Running has kept the situation from exploding out of control, but it’s not enough to mitigate it.
  • I need to do yoga again. Before I started running again, I was doing P90X. The Yoga program was a pain in the ass, but I need to put that in my routine. These post-run stretches aren’t resolving the situation. My piriformis is tighter, my ankle is twingey due to the lack of leg strength.
  • There’s no races this year. Everything’s either cancelled or “virtual” which I am not into. There’s no need to rush and force myself to ramp up to 20+ miles a week. If I slowly build up to it, great, but there is no hurry. I just need to basically stay in running shape for next year to be really ready for training mode.

So, we’re going to reset things. Drop down the mileage, incorporate some yoga into the regiment. No, seriously, get back on keto. Really. I’m going to keep things at a medium level, or really slowly creep up, and get very fat adapted for next year.

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