Captain Jack’s 12K Treasure Run Report

Hey, I came in third in my age group again. 1:11:45, 9:37 pace! On keto! This was a combined 5, 10, and 12K race.

Holy crap, it was cold out there. So freakin’ cold. 39 Fahrenheit at the start. I took running pants with me in the car, but felt confident it would warm up, so didn’t change into them. The problem is that the 12k group was the last group to go. Further, the trail is a bit narrow, so they had to throttle people. So here I am, freezing everything at the starting area, and there was a *ton* of people. My thermal shirt did its job. Fingers felt like they were going to fall off. At a certain temperature, gloves help very little. My legs were frozen, but that doesn’t really bother me from a comfort point of view. I was worried about pace, though.

Turns out, nothing to worry about. About two miles in, I felt normal, and it was just a nice run pretty much all along the Sammamish River. I even ran into a lady with a Buc-ee’s shirt. Gave her a “Howdy!” as I ran by.

This was the third and final Orca Running event of the season for me. I picked up the Friend of the Pod medal at the end, the one where you run three of their races, and what I’ve been working for all this time.
1) It’s acrylic. 2) They didn’t check if you ran three runs. They were just handing them out. Well, crap. At least it looks nice.

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