New Stride

Finally, my physical therapist, who is also a runner, took a look at my stride on a treadmill. She said it looked fine in terms of pronation. This was nice confirmation of what multiple running shoes sales people have said. Overall, my stride length is ok, but she suggested kicking my legs back more. I have to shuffle less and spend more time in the air. The idea is to move the of impact from strides to more exertion and work by the muscles.

I tried it tonight and guess what? I *flew*. It often did feel like gliding. I only did 3.5 miles because it definitely is more physically taxing on my quads and calves. I started to feel the lactic acid in my quads at around mile three. However, my pace was 9:23/mile. Normally in training runs, I’m right at 10:00/mile. If I can keep practicing this and strengthening my legs, I might break two hours on a half marathon.

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