I think Mount Rainier is Going to Erupt Soon

At 10:00 pm tonight, I was on the last mile of my run. I approached an elderly couple at a bus stop and the wife jumped out in front of me. I swear, she was not even four feet tall. She was amazed and tickled at my ankle running lights and asked me all about them.

I’m not a morning person, so morning running is out. Some sort of visibility aid is essential up here where it gets pretty dark at 4:00 pm. These lights have gotten me not killed on more than one occasion. There’s several flashing modes including not flashing. I, of course, use the seizure-inducing mode that flashes like 20 times a second. A full charge will last me a couple of weeks, and so far, they’ve been rain-proof. Even in pouring storms, they’ve survived. Only $22 bucks, too.

She was so funny and cheerful. I was concerned that they were out so late, and whether they still had a ways to go after the bus dropped them off. I offered to buy an Uber ride for them, but they graciously declined. The bus drops them off right in front of their house, they said. I wonder if this is like the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele vanishing hitchhiker stories, where the person who gives Pele a ride has their house spared when a volcano erupts. I think this encounter is a sign that Rainier will erupt soon.

Status-wise, things have been going well. Doing about 15 miles per week for the last couple of weeks. Full ketosis. About 10-10:30 per mile, with bursts down to 9:45/mile over one or two miles on occasion. Muscles feeling ok. Yoga’s going well, still a pain in the ass. I’ve been thinking about adding plyometrics to get my pace up and improve my stride. Pogoing is kept in control because there’s a lot less to do these days. There’s a swarth of new gyms to the west of me, and I’m in gold by most of them. Earlier this year, I hit gold in all of the gyms through my usual route in Mill Creek.

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