Birch Bay Race

15k, 1:37 time, 10:27 pace, minorly keto’ed (I don’t think that fat adapted). Terrible time, but it was the first race in about a year and a half.

The route was beautiful. About three miles runs along Birch Bay, into Birch Bay State Park for a mile or two, then back up along the bay. The sun was out, but pretty much did nothing to the temperature. It was quite windy. In certain parts, you running into a strong wind. Annoyingly, when we checked out the next day, there was almost no wind in the area.

Feels pretty good to get out, but I’m definitely not fully fat adapted, and after two years, I’m still dealing with this piraformis issue. The both kind of feed off each other. I’m not doing the 25 miles per week training due to the butt issue, which inhibits me from getting as fat adapted as I want to be to get under 10:00 pace.

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